Un moment de răscruce pentru Europa, o şansă istorică pentru România

Am revenit în aceste zile în România pentru a da un impuls unei foarte necesare dezbateri naţionale care să contureze opţiunea românilor pentru viitorul continentului. Preşedintele Comisiei Europene, Jean Claude Juncker, a propus spre considerare cinci scenarii şi consider că este imperios ca a şasea ţară ca mărime din UE post-Brexit să îşi asume rolul conturării direcţiei de urmat. Trebuie să înţelegem că această dezbatere este despre Europa în care vrem să trăim, să muncim, să  învăţăm, să călătorim, să ne creştem copiii şi nepoţii.

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International Women’s Day: A joint declaration, a joint editorial and a moment with women colleagues

8th of March, the International Women’s Day is a very special day for me, both as a woman and as an EU Commissioner. As a woman first, as this is an issue that is very close to my heart, and that will always be. And as an EU Commissioner because I cannot tell you how much I am convinced that we will only achieve true gender equality in Europe by working together: towns, regions and EU institutions. Continuă lectura

From Pompeii to Norcia: where the EU stars bring a brighter future

I travel a lot across Europe. That is part of my job: to go and see by myself the state of play of EU funded projects, to encourage local, regional and national authorities to make the most of available EU funds, to use them in the best possible way. And I suppose my recent (8-10 February) trip to Naples, Pompeii, Norcia and Cascia was no exception. In a way.

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Vilnius: two days to take the pulse of EU funding in the health sector

It was my first visit to Lithuania as EU Commissioner on 26-27 January, and I was lucky to be accompanied by my colleague EU Commissioner for Health and food safety Vytenis Andriukaitis. Indeed, the first part of the trip was rather “healthy” as we both attended a conference on ‘Networks of Healthcare Institutions’ at Vilnius University Hospital Santariskes.

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Cohesion Policy alone won’t heal Europe, but Europe won’t heal without Cohesion Policy

Just before Christmas, New Europe asked me how I saw the year ahead. Europe is at a crossroad, was my first reaction. Then I thought that, rather than one, quite a few crossroads were ahead of us this year. Indeed, 2017 could be the year of all crossroads for Europe. The article is available online or in a slightly longer version here below.

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